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What we use. 

At Sten Stone Ltd we only use the highest quality natural stone available, sourced from our worldwide network of stone suppliers.

All our natural stone is fully tested and complies with all the European norm testing standards.​

Crema Mocha Limestone


Crema Marfil Limestone


Jura Beige (Honed Finish)


Jura Blue Grey (Honed Finish)


Jura Blue Grey (Sanded & Brushed Finish)


Bateig Azul


Azul Valverde


Azul Valverde (Flamed)


Asian Granite G654


Asian Granite G684


Asian Blue Limestone (Dark Honed)


Irish Kilkenny Limestone (Light Honed)


Irish Kilkenny Limestone (Dark Honed)


Asian Red Porphyry (Honed)


German Red Sandstone (Honed)


Cenia Limestone (Flamed)


Asian Granite G682 (Bush Hammered)


Moleanos Limestone (Honed)


Vratza Limestone (Honed)


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