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What we do. 

Sistema MASA (Rail Support System for Natural Stone)

Sten Stone Ltd exclusively imports and distributes the various support systems offered by Sistema MASA. We also offer a direct installation service. 


For a consultation to explain the most suitable support system for your project, please contact us. We will advide you on the most suitable options. 

Project Shop Drawings

Sten Stone's technical and detailing departments will work closely with your design team to compile a submission of accurate, concise and precise Shop Drawings, required to communicate all elements of construction & detailing associated with the external stone facade.


Schedule and production drawings are prepaired for the factory. Sten Stone can also supply ayout drawings for paving and hard landscaping when required.

Material Testing

Sten Stone Ltd. use accredited testing labs and qualified geologists to assist in our material testing. All testing is carried out in strict accordance with current EN, BS and other relevant testing requirements. Our high quality materials, sourced on a project by project basis from leading suppliers worldwide, are tested to clients specifications, budget and individual requirements.

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